Southern California Gran Sport Club
Last Updated March 7th, 2008



Welcome to
This is a web based site for the sharing of information about GS Buicks in the SoCalGS Club.
This site is individually owned and maintained by a hobbiest and has no affiliation with the Buick Motor Company, or it's parent company General Motors. To go there click here.

Submitting Information

Submitting Information about Buicks or this website:

Option 1: Please send an e-mail note to: info "at" (remember to change the "at" to @). Please include as much information as you'd like. I will then reply and make sure the information is correct and presentable to you before we leave it for the public on the website.

Option 2: You can submit information via the postal service to the local club with an attention to the webmaster (which is me!). I have the ability to scan photos in for the website and then I will return any photos to you. You can submit to the address on the membership form.